Some practical things

I have come across things that my wife and I talked about, meditated on or put into practice. First we talked about how we talk to others and how comfortable we are with them will determine the level of our talk. Level of our talk means

THINGS- cars. houses, clothes etc. On this level, we can feel comfortable talking to most people we meet. EVENTS: weather, sports events calendars etc. We progress to this level rather easily. However in some cases the discussions never get beyond events.. IDEAS: as we get more comfortable with the person (maybe over time ) we are comfortable discussing ideas such as “I think we should” or “I have an idea” BELIEFS: getting to this level probably takes time with a person. As trust develops you may be comfortable with sharing your beliefs (religious, political, social) This exposes you most in dealing with people.

Next, we think it is important to review and note the defining moments of your life. This will give you a map of your growth. It will give you more appreciation of what God has done in your life. When I did this I grew in appreciation of all that I had done, good and bad. There are moments in your life that define who you are, where you succeeded and maybe where you failed.

At the risk of exposing myself and my vulnerability , here are some of my defining moments:

1- my father constantly telling me that I had no mechanical ability. Consequently I am not comfortable fixing things.

2-Sr. Yr High School- got kicked out for a week, for cutting class for the day(the only day that I cut in 4 years) My mother was both devastated and at the same time very angry.

3- The day I arrived in Manhattan for my freshman year at K-State on the train from California, in the station I saw a cowboy with his 10 gallon hat over his face and his booted legs sticking out. Then I looked at the clerk behind the counter, with his green eyeshade typing out Morse code. I was stunned. I almost thought of getting on another train heading west.

4-Enlisted in the Army Reserve. This started a time of growth in maturity and resolve. Gave me a sense of responsibility.

5-While at K-State I got a call from a girl from one of the sororities on campus, wondering why I had not asked her “sister” out on a second date. So I told the girl who called , lets get together and I will tell you why…that turned out to be my future wife.

6- Became a dad for the first time…. Overwhelming love

7-Met Marilyn at a convention-married her 6 months later- best decision I ever made. We were together for 38 years.

As you can see there are a lot of blanks to fill but this give you an idea of times in my life that were significant. I suggest that you take the time to do the same thing. It will make you appreciate where you are now and how God has guided you through life. …….Didn’t mean to get so personal but I hope I made the point, bless you all.. Amen


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