God is Near

I an going to start with an illustration that should clarify what I want to say in this blog. Psychologist Jean Plaget carried out psychological experiments in which he observed that very young babies ,
(under 6 mo old) would be clearly interested in a toy placed a few years in front of them until Plaget placed a blanket over the toy. Then the infants showed no further interest, assuming that the toy was no longer there.
I have observed in my self (full disclosure) and in others that there are times where it seems that our focus is on God such as when at church, at prayer, reading the bible and meditating. However there are other times like the infant where we are distracted from our focus on God as though he wasn’t there.
But if we are true Christians , and we have given our lives over to Christ, then the Holy Spirit is with us all the time and we should be looking to that Spirit to guide us in everything that we do. We need to have the attitude that we don’t venture into our day without opening our heart to that Spirit.

But we sometimes want to go it on our own. Sometimes we say that we can handle it God . another illustration drives home this point. A man was in the parking lot of a big box store and couldn’t find a parking place. He kept driving around and finally in frustration he said “God, find me a parking place.” Shortly a place opened up and the man said “never mind God I found one on my own”
We might chuckle at this but too many of us have the attitude that “God is there if I need Him” Jonah thought that taking a ship to Tarsus rather than facing Nineveh, that God would no longer be in control of his life. But as you know the story, Jonah did come face to face with God once again.

We need to understand and acknowledge that God is ALWAYS with us. And that we need to surrender control of our life , for God has the perfect plan for each and every day. We should:
“lean on the everlasting arms of God” Amen


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