Thinking of Others

We all have times when we aren’t very motivated or very creative. But for most of us these pass over time. A great way to overcome those times is to focus on other people. Doing for others has proven to be a great way to get the positive energy going again.

There are a lot of ways to reach out to others , but one way that can really benefit a person and give you the satisfaction of being someone who thinks about others rather than self.. I call it being

An ENCOURAGER- an encourager can help others by doing the following: 1-Call people. Show your interest by calling and talking to people , asking them about their life and how you can help them. 2-Text, email or facebook people-again showing you care about them and their life. 3-Write a letter. If you want to walk a person through a tough time, write a letter, not the internet, so they have a hard copy they can refer to at a later date. 4-Complement others. Notice looks, behavior, ideas that you appreciate and tell them, complement t them.

5 Pray for them. God hears our intercessary prayers . He cares about all of his creation. Letthem know you are praying for them. 6-Give them your time. There really is no better gift than being there for them. Face to face is best. But anyway you can connect with them and hear them is so important An example I heard the other day was a teacher that was very upset because one of the students was killed in an accident. She tried to remain stoic for the other students until one of them came up to her and said, “you look like you could use a hug” they both let their emoations out. The teacher said that the hug was the thing I needed most. 7-Point them to Scripture. I am not waving a bible at people as a solution to their problems. But you can show them scriptures that will help them understand God’s help for them. 8-Fill a need. Sometimes the best thing you can do is take care of something that the person really needs. Take time to find out what burden you can lift from them. 9-Be forgiving. Jesus tells us time and time again to forgive others. Holding a grudge blocks anything you truly want to help them with. 10-Finally be a good example. God says to shine our light in the world . How we act, hjow we love, how we handle life’s challenges is an example for others to follow.

Following these examples prompts me to think of God’s greeting to those who love Him and are called to be his Disciples, when we get to Heaven “well done good and faithful servant” Amen


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