Dealing With Our Past Struggles

We all have struggles in life. We don’t always express those struggles to others. People who know you,people in your small group, —

your family, all may have known some of your struggles and mabe they have shared their struggles with you, but most of all they are people that have worked with you , studied with you and prayed with you and will reach to help you through the valley.

Your grief may be for something that happened many years ago and you didn’t deal with it at the time. Now you have an outlet, a sounding board from those people who know you best. I can’t express strongly enough the need to come to grips with your unresolved grief. Because what happend to you may be frozen in a life that is less fulfilling because of it.

Examine your past life. Did you have a traumatic event that you haven’t brought out in the open and now in today’s light realize that you can move forward knowing that it doesn’t have the grip on you that it once did?

God wants you to have life and have it abundantly. Take advantage of the opportunities that God puts in front of you to escape what is burdening you. Like I said, it could be a close friend that you have not confided into this point. It could be your small group that you now feel confortable with sharing your burden (that is the case with me). But especially it can be God and the Holy Spirt.

Call on God to bring you out of the “abyss” and bring you to a life that is positive and that reflects the love of Christ to others. Now lets turn our focus on what you as a loving person can do for others and therefore help you to as you turn from your own struggles to look beyond yourself.

Consider these positive actions: 1) call people you love and are concerned with; 2) Write a letter; 3) complement others; 4) pray for them; 5) give them your time; 6) point them to scripture; 7) fill a need; 8 8)be forgiving; 9) be a good example.

Resolve now to move beyond your past troubles and to be the positive loving person you can be. You will be the beneficiary of the care of others and your care for others… Amen


One Response to “Dealing With Our Past Struggles”

  1. David Birkeland Says:

    thanks good devotion

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