Filtering the news

I know some people that have about decided to not read the newspaper anymore. They say that it is so depressing to read about all the hate, abuse, war, and man’s inhumanity to man. Right now, the news is dominated by Russia’s attacking Ukraine. We need to keep up to date but sometimes I wonder if we should just turn off the tv, not read the newspapers..

I agree that a lot of it is very disturbing if not depressing. The same with the evening news. seems like the local stations must start the news with 3-4 stories that catch our attention (read: burglary, murder fire, auto accidents) After you get through all that, maybe you get some interesting stories about people doing neat things, helping other people or achieving success in an endeavor.

I remember some radio stations that had only “good” news. Unfortunately they didn’t last long. But there are Christan radio and tv stations that have good inspirational programming. But I ask you as I would ask on a telephone surveyor man in the street interviews, who but Christian folk tune into these programs.??

What is wrong with all that you say? Let me set a scenario for you. A man or woman comes home at night after a hard day of work. He or she is tired,, maybe have had a bad day or not. Life is not what they thought it would be. Then they pick up the newspaper or turn on the tv and what do they get? All the bad news. How is that going to help them regroup for the next day’s work and stress… it is not… and every day that this happens they will get more and more discouraged about life.. If they are in the majority, they probably don’t even know about Christian programming,

This is an oversimplification , but I think that those of us who have The Lord and Savior to count on each and every day, who have Christian friends that we can talk to in any situation, just don’t understand the cloud that so many people walk under each and every day. We know that we are in the world but not of it. We know that this is our temporary home and our true home is in eternity.

But Christ said to us that while we are here we are to bring the Good News to people that are of this world. In this space we have talked about ways to do this, but I want to focus on bringing the good news of the wonderful things that people are doing each and every day. The inspirational stories , the feel good stories. And to do it in part through the media. We can call or write our local TV stations and ask them to run more positive programming. You can write letters to the editor of the local newspaper and ask the same thing. Say to them that you will bring stores to them to broadcast or to print.

This is just an idea. A way maybe to help those unknown people who carry a burden around each day. Like I have said, we have talked about different ways to reach the lost and the least, but everything we can do to bring the Good News to hurting people, is another step in carrying out Christs commission to us all. Amen


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