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The resurrection and beyond

April 5, 2021

Last month I talked about the Lenten season beginning with Ash Wednesday. Lent was over the Saturday before Easter

Sunday. I am writing this after the Easter Celebration ..He is Risen..He is Risen indeed!

Our belief and faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the basis for our Christianity. Christ conquered

death for all believers. Perhaps we should define “believers” at this point. A believer is one who has given his or her life to Christ by asking for forgiveness of sins, acknowledging that the cross took them away and that they want Christ to come into their life. Oh, we have physical death, we don’t get out of this world alive, but then we live with the Lord for eternity.

This is not the forum to give detailed biblical descriptions but as a student of the bible, I can tell you that there will be a time when all mankind will be judged, and a time where it will be too late to be a believer. That time is called the Rapture and the Tribulation. At the Rapture all those who have died in Christ will be raised first then the believers who are still alive will be raised. All will meed God in the air.

The tribulation will occur on this earth and (again not detailing) there will be in for a time where God will send his wrath on this earth. At the end of the tribulation , this earth will be destroyed. God will then come down to a new earth and a new heaven to rule for 1,000 years and all those who were will Him in heaven will be with Him. There is so much more to fill in about the Rapture and the Tribulation , but this is a blog not a book!

I encourage you to study scriptures, find out more about what I have said and with that knowledge, if you have not done so , you can become a believer and live with the Lord forever.

I invite questions–I will try to answer or direct you to the biblical passages that fully explain what I have talked about today.Again, Happy Easter and may you be blessed this day. Amen