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January 8, 2021

God has a plan

I moved from Missouri to Kansas in August. While in the Show Me state I became acquainted with a columnist with the Columbia Daily Tribune. I would give her name but do not have her permission so I will call her Sally. All of her columns are human interest and more than likely talks about her family and their trials tribulations travels and extended family.

I told her that I really enjoyed her columns and was disappointed that I would be moving to Kansas and not see them each week. She wrote back that she appreciated my comments and that she would send me the column each Monday when she publishes for the newspapers and magazines. I was happy that she would do that because her writing is her stock and trade and she charges them for the column. 2 weeks ago I noticed that she had sent me that weeks column in an email. I was distracted that week and didn’t get around to reading it until later in the week. When I did she was talking about her husband and that he had some medical issues and they went to the doctor. She described sitting anxiously after the exam for the doctor to come back in and tell them what was wrong. The Dr. said that he had cancer and they wanted to start him on radiation and chem. Right away I wrote back saying how sorry I was and that I would pray for both of you.

She immediately wrote back and said that while in the process of radiation and chemo he got Covid went in the hospital and passed away the next day. It was almost as if one of my family had died. I was stunned. I tried to say words of comfort as I responded to her. Those who are not believers would say, “well, too bad but life goes on” We as believers would say, that maybe it was his time. God does have a time for all of us on this earth. But we are also prone to say God, why would you hit a healthy man , a believer with cancer and Covid at the same time.

This a lesson for all of us. It is not how healthy we are, not how much we tithe, not how much we give to others, not even how strong is our walk with the Lord. God has a plan for each of us and even though we have a plan, Gods plan prevails. As a pastor I have talked to several widows and widowers who couldn’t understand why their spouse was taken so soon. I went through the same thing myself. I have also followed up with some of those who asked that question and they reported later that their lives had taken a positive turn and they were now doing things and involved in things that they never thought would be of interest to them.

I have rambled on about about this. I miss my wonderful wife but I am now in a new phase of life that is interesting and fulfilling. At the time of her death I couldn’t see the good that was to come. But I ask you to keep that in mind when and if you lose a loved one. We need to think about that person that has left us. As a believer he/she is with the Lord in eternity. He/she will no longer be in pain or distress and will meet up with loved ones that had gone on before. We need to celebrate our loved one coming home to Jesus. How many widows or widowers have said ” I am anxious to be with my loved on in Heaven”

As I mourn the loss of Sally’s husband, and I mourn the loss of my wife, I say Hallelujah, as they are now with their Lord… Amen.


January 2, 2021