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Do we need a faith checkup?

December 3, 2020

A while ago in a bible study we were talking about the Christian Walk. In that discussion it was emphasized that it is our FAITH that keeps us on that walk.
Some of the material we were studying was part of a sermon by Ellsworth Kalas, and I quote: “when the scores of life are totaled and God’s troops report back home, He will not say ‘well done you brilliant servant’ or well done you ball of fire’ . No, no God will say ‘well done good and FAITHFUL servant.
In God’s lexicon of values, it is FAITHFULNESS that makes a star.
I wonder how man of us really understand why God was manifest in Jesus Christ and put on the earth? God created all that we see and touch, God created us in His image. He gave humans a utopia, a garden that would fulfill all our needs. Then man sinned and was banished from this perfect place and all of us including you and me, carry that original sin.
So God sent His Son Jesus Christ to be born a human, that we celebrate this season. to live among the people and to teach preach and heal and love us as His children. But his real mission was to atone for the sins of the whole world, so that someday we may be in the presence of God. He did this by His death on the cross. He suffered and died as a human so that we would not be lost to His love and that we would not suffer as He did.
They the miracle of miracles , Christ rose from the dead and ultimately sits at the right hand of God. Jesus conquered death and He conquered it for us all. This was God’s ultimate gift to His creation.
Do you believe? Do you believe that God loves us so much that he gave His only Son to die on a Roman cross for our redemption?
Go to the bible and read stores of FAITH and how God walked through life with yesterdays FAITHFUL; God was with Abraham and Sara in a new land; Moses and the children of Israel in the wilderness; Meshack, Shadrach,and Abednego in the fiery furnace. God has been and will be with us today and always.
Our FAITH reminds us to make of our lives HIS story. Let God stir in the pages and each line of the tale of our living. Give new meaning to FAITH, FAITH in God and all that he does for us.
As we gather this Advent season with family and friends and celebrate in worship, share our walk with Christ and the FAITH we live by. Bill Graham has said at his rally’s: “I don’t know all I need to know about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ but I believe it by FAITH” Let us take those words to heart and make them ours. Merry Christmas. Amen