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A treasured find

October 1, 2020

I am going to get personal again this month
As those of you who know me know that my wife passed away last October. I rejoice that she is with her Lord , that she is not suffering and is at peace. I tell myself that every day. The chore of going through old files and keepsakes can be tough sometimes.
I say all of this to introduce a devotion that she had published in a daily devotional guide. I came across it the other day. I see the evidence of her devotion to God and to her friends and family in everything I go through.
With your indulgence, I am going to print it exactly as she said it in 1995.
She made reference to this scripture: John 15: 12-13. which epitomized her loving attitude.:

“As a child growing up in the small community of Boonville , Missouri, I belonged to and attended the local Methodist Church., Sunday School, vacation bible school. Church socials and dinners were a regular part of my simple life.
Childhood faded into youth and youth into adulthood. Choir and musical events in the church became connected to my spiritual life. In music there was a special closeness to God. The words of the hymns cementing forever beautiful bible verses in my mind.
One composition especially stands out for me, ” I walked Today Where Jesus Walked”It would bring tears to my eyes and chills to my skin. I could just imagine walking in His steps.
Years later I would have that opportunity. A trip to Israel , where the shores of Galilee, the river Jordon, the peaceful hillside of the Sermon On The Mount, The Garden of Gethsemane, the way of the Cross placed my feet in His footsteps and sent this beautiful song through my mind once again.

The song is sung often in springtime and its lovely words and music remind me of “the peace that passes all understanding” and that Jesus died for our sins because He loved us. May we be mindful of His sacrifice and love and “gp forth and do likewise”
prayer: Jesus forgive us for not living our lives as you would have us live. Thank you for loving us anyway. Amen”

Thank you sweet lady the love of my life and my inspiration for 38 years………Amen