Our memories are gifts from God.. The bible is full of stories of faith and how God walked through life with yesterdays faithful. What is implied is , if God was with Abraham and Sarah in a new land, Moses and the children of Israel in the wilderness, Meshack, Shadrach and Abednago in the fiery furnace, God has been and will be with is today and always.

You cannot escape the presence of God . The bible says “when I go to the depths, you are there, when I ascend to the heights you are thee” (Psalm 130;9 ) and the gift of memories is a gift to remind us that we are not forgotten, abandoned or discarded. God’s relentless hopeful pursuit of us cannot be thwarted by momentary lapses of memory or even the embellishment of the story leaving God out of the picture!

We talk of the past as history. Our faith reminds us to make of our lives HIS story . Let God stir in the pages and each line of the tale of our living . And tell your family where you have seen God at work in your life. And maybe some day your son or daughter will tell stories of how God was working in your life. What ever you do, be sure and make a memory with God.

This leads me to look at my personal situation. I am in a new town with new doctors. After 25 years seeing the same practitioners who knew me backwards and forwards I am facing physicians who don’t know me and want test after test.They take my oral history with a grain of salt. It seem that what has gone on before doesn’t mean anything now. I have been referred to doctors whose specialty is something I can hardly pronounce let alone understand. I get concerned when they them say that they want to do further tests.

BUT…..I know that God is with me. God knows me and has my history on His lips. I wish I could just say to all of those healthcare professionals , Check with God he knows all about me and can give you all the information you need……… So I go about doing what they all say with the assurance that God will be my comforter and my guide through all of this.. AMEN


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