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Holy Week

April 5, 2020

I am posting this on Palm Sunday. This day we recognize, commemorate, and celebrate Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem.This scripture is so full of symbols of the purpose of Jesus Christs’ being on this earth that whole studies could be centered around it. In the past (meaning when I was still preaching full time) Not only would we read the Palm Sunday scripture but the whole passion narrative leading to Easter.
How can we fully understand the crucification, death and resurrection of our Lord if we haven’t been through Maundy Thursday and Good Friday? Many people in my church were regular church goers but only on Sunday. So we lived the last week of Jesus’s life through the biblical account of the passion.

Do you understand what happened on Thursday and Friday of the last week of Jesus’ life? First Maundy Thursday was when Jesus shared the Last Supper , the Passover supper, with his disciples. It is then he washed their feet to demonstrate his humility and love for them. It is then that he gave them His commandment: “this commandment I give you, love on another just as I have loved you”
Maundy is the shortened word for Maudatrum which is commandment.
We also weekly or monthly celebrate Holy Communion–in remembrance of Christs passing of the bread and the wine at the supper. We also come to the table as the disciples did to “break bread” with the Savior.

Good Friday is the day that Christ was nailed to a cross (the Roman most cruel way of execution) Everyone thought that all was lost The messiah was going to die. People have asked, why is it called “Good” Friday? the most common answer is that when Christ died on the cross, He took our sins from us forever. It also meant that the resurrection was to come. We remember that scripture tells us that he shouted “Why have you forsaken me” We now know that in dying he took the sins of the whole world on Him…as God could not look on sin God turned away from Jesus.. Christ’s final words from the cross were “it is finished”

As we go through this week, I hope that you can find a way to be in worship this Thursday, Maundy Thursday and on Good Friday. Tony Compollo told of being a seminary student in his community and all the pastors would get together for a service on Good Friday. Tony was pretty nervous around all these experienced pastors but he gave a short sermon and quickly sat down. The congregation nodded politely . The closing sermon was given by the pastor that organized the service. He stood , looked over the crowd and shouted: “its Friday, but Sunday is a comin” The congregation stood and cheered.
Let us also remember that Sunday is a comin! Amen.