Will the real Christian please stand up.

Are you a Christian? Maybe you go to church, Sunday school, serve on church committees and take part in church social activities. But are you really a follower of Jesus Christ? It is said that we can know of Jesus Christ and study his life on earth and his death and resurrection. But do we have a personal relationship with the Lord. Do we love Him as our personal savior?

Both people in the above example call themselves “Christians”. Let me tell you two stories that will make my final point.
There was an older lady that was driving down a busy street. The light turned red ahead of her and another care reaching the intersection. After waiting a few minutes (sometimes it does seem long). the light turned green. However the car in front of her didn’t move fast enough for her. She honked her horn and yelled for him to move. Then she got out of her car and started cussing the driver ahead of her.

A policeman observed the whole thing and pulled up to her and said. I am putting you under arrest.She really screamed then. At the station, after a period of time, the arresting officer came into the room where she was being held and said ” I am very sorry for bringing you in here. I saw the bumper stickers on your car that said “I love Jesus” and “Jesus saves”. Naturally I figured that the car was stolen”
The other story involves a lady that was having a small garage sale. A nice looking gentleman was looking a what she had for sale. They struck up a conversation while he was looking. The lady said “its easy to see that you are a Christian as I am. After a few minutes the man said thanks for the conversation but said he didn’t want any of the merchandise for the price she had on the goods. HE started to walk away, she asked him what he thought the items were worth. He told her and she went on a tirade against him, the markets, big business, politicians and anything else that came to mind.

You see, if we are truly followers of Jesus, If we really love him and believe that he died on the cross for our sins, then we will be grounded in our dealings with others. We will share our joy and our love not only for Him but for our fellow man. We will have compassion and understanding We will have a positive attitude. So ask yourself, are you an intellectual Christian or are you a Christian that Loves the Lord and shines your light in the world. I hope and pray you are the latter. Amen


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