Why Should I Go To Church?

Today I want to address one of my favorite subjects: going to and membership in a church. Favorite only in the sense that I have heard every excuse in the book for NOT going to church.
I won’t bore you with most of these excuses. In my discussions with people I have acknowledged that God is everywhere in our universe and not just in the church.
Ok so you say, if church is where I can express my faith, my heart for the Lord and for those less fortunate, what church is it that will give me that vehicle?

If you study the early church you will find that they only focused on worship and discipleship of Jesus Christ. Church doctrine is not the same as God’s law. In the book of Jeremiah, it says that God has a special and unique plan for each of us. He cannot fill that plan,however , unless we become open to let Him do His work in us. That establishes a commitment between you and God.

Now, by joining a church, you are putting that commitment on the line and showing God that you are willing to work for Him. Do we see commitment talked about in the Bible? Many times. The Apostle Paul refers to himself,as a “prisoner” in the Lord. In Amos it talks about two people being in agreement with one another.That implies a commitment right there. In Romans it talks about being devoted to each other. You cannot be devoted to anyone for any reason unless you also have a commitment to that person to some degree.

In Romans 12:5 it says “so in Christ we who are many, form one body and each member belongs to the others. In belonging to a church, you are happy because the love of others that Christ put in you has an expression. You are happy because you have fellow believers to share worship and outreach.

I heard about a high school that had a career day . All the seniors came into the gym and each person presented his or her career and invited them to come to their booth at the end of the presentation. The Army,Navy and Coast Guard were there. But one of the last presentations was a Marine. He stepped up to the podium. looked around at the group and said ” I don’t see anyone here who could make it in our program. It is the toughest challenge you could ever face. I don’t think any of you have the guts to become a Marine. If you think you have what it takes , come see me after the presentation”

After the assembly was over, guess which booth had the largest number of inquiries? The Marine was flooded with applicants. You see, we know intuitively the commitment that requires a lot of us will also be the most benefit to us. When the cost and sacrifice and requirement is high to belong to an organization (the church) the payoff always results in a stronger character and a sense of real accomplishment.
I posed the question what church will give you what we have described. I can only tell you that a church that preaches the Bible, that has lively worship, that has small group study opportunities , is mission oriented and provides some social outlet for its members. Sounds like quite a list of requirements but many, many churches fit the requirements.
Before I went into the ministry, my wife and I attended a church that had all those and more. In fact all our social activity involved the church or members of the church. It was the center of our life.
I also want to point out that if you are not sure of the Christian faith and how how you fit into it, going to church and especially being in a small group will develop your understanding and your faith ,,,,,,,,,see you in church! Amen


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