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Judging others

January 3, 2019

Boy I can use several examples to illustrate what I am talking about. But one that hit home with me is the following:
We were standing line at the grocery store.. The person checking out was having a problem and everyone behind her was complaining about the delay. Several derogatory comments were made. But one man who was really upset said, “It is one of those welfare card things. I wish those people would get a job like the rest of us” The young woman looked up to see who made the comment and then almost in tears, she dropped the welfare card and ran out of the store. A few minutes later a young man walked into the store and asked the clerk if she had seen the woman. After describing her the clerk said that she had run out of the store, got in her car and drove away.

Why would she do that? asked the young man. Everyone looked at the man who made the comment.
” it was me, I made a stupid comment about welfare card she was using. I shouldn’t have said it.”
“well, that is bad” the man said. “her brother was killed in Afghanistan two years ago . He had three young children and she has taken the responsibility of caring for them. She is 20 years old and single and now has to care for three young children.”

“I am truly sorry , I didn’t know” said the man. “Are these paid for?” he asked pointing to the cart full of groceries.. It wouldn’t take her card the clerk informed him. “do you know where she lives? he asked the mam. “yes, she goes to our church” “Excuse me,” he said as he made his way to the front of the line. He pulled lout his wallet , took out a credit card and told the cashier “please use this to pay for the ladies groceries.
That wasn’t the end of the story. After getting her groceries paid for, he turned to everyone in line and said, :Come on people, we have three kids to feed. Everyone began to put their groceries in the belt. Some went to the end and started bagging them and putting them in carts. They even went back and getting more food to put in the line. When it was done the man paid $1,646. for all the groceries. Then he went over to the young man who was standing there with his mouth open and started writing a check. ” She will need a new freezer and a few other things as well. ” The young man said, “this is really very generous of you. “no,” the man said “her brother was the generous one”

A long story but a great point. In this case there was a positive ending. But how many times when we react to what we see in people and not take the time to understand the situation, do we plant seeds of distrust and how many times do we miss an opportunity to reach out and help someone once we know the situation.

But the real message is that we are not in the judging business. We need to give that job to God. I know that sometimes we feel like we need to correct people, tell them to change their ways, but as the bible says (paraphrasing) don’t correct the other person, until you have made sure that you are right with your life.
If you have compassion, if you have love, then your response to others is to reach out and share God.s love with them. After all, if we are off track, God guides us to the right path rather than condemn us. We can do no less to our fellow human beings who are also CHILDREN OF GOD.