Dealing with change

Here it is almost the end of November and my last blog was September. Well we have been moving. From leaving my obligations were we were at. to getting moved to our new home has taken my attention away from my usual activities.

Change can always be upsetting to a degree. But if we are still working in the vineyard and following God’s call on our life, the upset will be minor and temporary. It is exciting to meet new people and explore a new town . Especially for me, going to a new church and getting acquainted with new Christians is exciting. I am finding a Sunday School class that will be a place where I can continue to learn from members of the class as well as from the material being presented.

Maybe even if you are not moving to a new home or a new town, maybe now is a time to take a fresh look at where you are in relation to your Christian walk. If you are not going to a church regularly, may I encourage you to take that step. Meting weekly with Christian friends, just gets the week going in the right direction, I have said many times, that Church is the gas station of our souls, to get filled up for the week ahead. If you have Christ on your side, and a church to support you, this life and this world that sometimes is not very nice, can get you through each day,each week and each year.

If you are discouraged,  if you struggle with the day to day of living, turn to the Lord to walk with you. How do you do that? For one, read the Bible. Any problem you have is addressed in Scripture. Two, develop Christian friends with whom you can share your struggles. You can do this with one on one visits or in a bible class. Three, develop a prayer life. God wants us to communicate With Him. HE wants to hear our struggles,and petitions as well as giving him praise.

May you see this world in a new light, the light of Christ. He says he will bring us peace if we look to Him for guidance. May it be so with you. Amen


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