Every once in a while it is time to reflect on God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and what that means to us. We all have different reflections but I have a few.

Prayer is a privilege-not a duty. It is an opportunity, a freedom, and a sacred connection to God. You cannot have a relationship with God if you are not talking to Him.

Don’t set arbitrary limits. Don’t box God into your present understanding.When we pray, we should not limit our minds to what God will answer. Faith is the understanding that God will give us answers that will guide us through this life.

The most comforting scripture in the bible is Romans 8:28-30. To know that all things that happen to us on this earth , good will come from it. Sometimes the good is hard to see but eventually the truth will come to be.

Another motivating scripture is Philippians 4:13. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Nothing is beyond my grasp if follow Christ.

IF God gives us a burden it is either for our own strength or for an activity to help someone. Think back to some of your struggles, are you now stronger to face trials than before.?

The Lords Prayer is a ;pattern for:
1-Acknowledging who God is.
2-Asking for Kingdom on earth.
3.-Feed us for a day.
4-Forgive us (as we forgive)
5- Keep us from sin.
6-Continually acknowledge the sovereignty of God

God calls us to focus on others. Not to be concerned with the worldly cares that we have-and if we do this God will take care of us.

God loved us even when we were unlovable-he did not wait until we were acceptable. He loved us at creation and there is nothing we can do to change his love for us.

Learn to call on Christ every step of your journey, He will be your guide and mentor. This life can be a challenge to try to do the right thing. Aren’t we glad we have the Holy Spirit in us to keep us out of trouble.

We sometimes label people and have an idea how they will react based on the “label” we put on them.We sometimes forget that we are all children of God, and his Spirit guides us all sometimes¬† we are surprised that people do things that show God’s love.

If you don’t love your fellow human beings, then you don’t really love God., or you would have the instincts to reach out to all people in love.

Listen to the Spirit who prompts you to talk to others about the Good News. You don’t know when they are ready to have Christ clarified in their minds.

These are just a few of the gems that come from God and our relationship with the Creator. take time each day to acknowledge the blessings He gives us and realize that everything we have comes from God…….Amen


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