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encouraging others

February 12, 2018

We all have times where we are not very motivated or creative For most of us these pass over time. A great way to overcome these times is to focus on other people. Doing for others has proven to be a great way to get the positive energy going again.

There are a lot of ways to reach out to others but one way that can really benefit a person and give you the satisfaction of being someone who thinks about others rather than self… I call it being an ENCOURAGER.
An encourager can can help others by doing the following:
1- Call people. Show your interest by calling and talking to people, asking them about their
life and if there is any way you can help them.
2-Text, Email or facebook people- again showing that you care about them and their life.
3-Write a letter- (some of us still do that!) If you want to walk a person through a tough time, writing an letter, having a hard copy, so that they can refer to it can be helpful.
4-Complement others-notice looks, behavior, ideas that you appreciate, and tell them, complement them.
5-Pray for them- God hears our intercessory prayers. He cares about all of his creation. Let them know you are praying for then.
6-Give them your time- There is really no better gift than being there for them. Best way is face to face but any way you can connect with them and hear them is important.
7-Point them to scripture-I am not waving the Bible to people as a final solution to their problems. But you can show them scriptures that will help them understand Gods love and help for them.
8-Fill a need-Sometimes the best thing you can do is take care of something that the person really needs. Find out what burden you can take off of them.
9-Be forgiving- Jesus tells us time and time again to forgive others. Holding a grudge blocks any truly honest help you can give them.
10-Finally, be a good example- God says to shine our light in this world. How we act, how we love, how we handle life’s challenges, is an example for others to follow.

God bless you in your reaching out and being an encourager, Amen