Popular World Views

A worldview is a set of assumptions which may be true, partially true or totally false about the basics of our world.
Whether you know it or not, your worldview influences the decisions you make in life. Some beliefs you hold strongly and others you probably don’t think about often.
What are the big questions of life.?
1-What is real. Is the world experience real or just a figment of my imagination?
2-Are miracles real, or just a figment of my imagination?
3-Can I even know what is real?
4-Is there a God? Is there just one God or are there many God’s? Is God closer to us or distant? Is there even a God out there?
5- Where dd we come from? Did God create human beings, or did we just evolve from lower forms of life?
6- Did we have past lives we cannot remember?

Let us briefly review some of the more popular world views.
ATHEISM: Believes there is no god. Physical matter and energy are the only reality. Humans are a product of evolution. People can be either good or evil. They are flawed but can be corrected. We know right from wrong by our experience. At death we cease to exist.
PANTHEISM: God is all. God is real but the world is an illusion Humans are good internally but may be caught in outward illusion. The human core is the same essence as God. Right or wrong ins an illusion When we die we are reincarnated or absorbed into God.
DEISM; God us a distant creator. God is the maker of the real. We are the most complete creature of God’s making. People can be either good or evil and have all that is necessary
for choosing. They know right from wrong by experience. When we die there may be some afterlife.
POLYTHEISM: There are many gods. Humans are created by God.. Humans can be either good or evil. We can know right from wrong by reason and supernatural revelation When we die the soul goes to a place of the dead.
MONOTHEISM: There is only one God. We were created by God. We were originally good bu now bent. The flaw is serious but can be overcome with God’s help. We know right from wrong by God acting on the reason and supernatural revelation.When we die we are judged and either go to heaven or hell.
CHRISTIANITY: There is only one Triune God Humans are created by God as his signature masterpiece. Human beings were originally good but now bent. the flaw is fatal. Only God can fix it. God does not do evil. When we die it is judgement and either heaven or hell.

This is a “brief” outline of most of the different world views. If you say you are a Christian, do you have the worldview that reflects that. Same with any of the other “isms” if you believe any of those does your stance in life reflect that? It is my hope that you get a firm world view so you can be that spiritual person God designed you for. AMEN


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