I am back

I had issues with my WordPress account but it is now ok (I hope) This gives me a chance to get away from my usual biblical/theological blog to let you know about an organization that I feel needs to be continually praised.

In May, my wife and I went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. We arrived a day before the first appointment. The next morning a shuttle came and took us to the Mayo/Gonda building (which is the main clinic) We went in and were met by a guide who told us which building and floor to go to get to our appointment. We were a little early but as soon as we were checked in they called us to the exam room. Tests were run, back to the waiting room, more tests. Then they told us we were to go to the waiting room to talk to the doctor. Immediately we were escorted into an exam room. The doctor came in and said, tell me why you are here and what is your complaint  He said the preliminaary tests ruled out many things that had been bothering us. And we needed to come back tomorrow for blood and other tests.


We came back the next day went for blood tests ( they had several people in that area to take blood) We were early for the next appt. We really wanted to get going home so the earliest we could get the tests run and get to the doctor the better. We went to the area for the next test , told them we were anxious to get the test run and they accommodated us we were off to the doctor. He gave his preliminary opinion and said when the final test results were in he would write us a letter (in addition to contacting our primary physician)

He was as god as his word and we are in better shape than before. With the hundreds of people coming and going in that clinic, I feel we were treated with very professionally.

I thank God for medical facilities like Mayo’s who save lives and improve the quality of life for thousands.




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