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The Many Faces OF Satan

December 27, 2012

As I meditate on what has been happening in the world in the last few months, culminating in the shooting of innocent children, I want to yell out ” God where are you?” You said you would be there for me and for all your creation. Aren’t you the God of the Universe, not just us Christian brothers and sisters?

That is the question we asked when our ambassador was killed in Lybia That is the question we asked when many thousands are killed in Syria. That is the question we ask when Egypt erupts in violence against the US.

Now we have Aurora,Colorado; Newtown Conn. Oregon, Kansas and it spreads. Of course we have acknowledged that there is evil in the world, but is there nothing that can be done to bring it to a halt? Satan will always be with us but we like to think that he is wrestling with us as individuals and that we can with God’s help thwart his agenda. But no, this is bigger than maybe our belief can handle! Maybe this is bigger than we realized. Maybe in our “Holy Huddles” we do not see the reality of what is going on around us.

Ok, we have been given free will-we are all creatures of our loving God. But that means that we are free to do our own thing. We know that God really wants us to come to Him, believe in Him, and follow his will through the Holy Spirit. But what of those who don’t care what God thinks?! What of those that are not evil but are indifferent, who say “what ever will be, will be?”

We say, well those are the ones who should suffer Satan’s wrath. I wish God would look at it that way, but no. God says , we all have a choice and maybe those around you do not chose your path. Where does that put the emphasis now?? On us. We MUST bring people to Christ, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We MUST witness what Christ means to us. And how that impacts the way we live our lives and how we relate to others.

Maybe if we touch one person who might be lost and frustrated and wanting to lash out at someone, we can save that person and the people. he or she might have hurt. I truly believe that people who use guns to shoot people randomly (I am not talking about criminals now) are mentally disturbed. .. it is my belief that guns don’t kill people, ..people do!!!!!

I have a gun–in fact two, a pistol and a rifle. Because when I moved where I live everyone said you need a gun to protect yourself. Ok now I have it. I have learned to fire both but hope that I don’t have to. But where I live there are crazy people ( should I say Satanist) people around. So I am prepared..That is what the second amendment guarantees us.

When I got these guns, I filled out a bunch of paperwork , but most importantly was asked ( as they looked me in the eye) what was the purpose of my acquiring guns. I feel that we can show gun dealers that they can do so much good for the community and their fellow citizens , if they would go beyond what the state asks for and maybe question the purchaser about the use of that gun. I can hear it now, boy are you naive! Maybe so but it is also naive to think that everyone who buys a gun is just getting it for “sport”

Well, this not what we should be talking about this wonderful Christmas season. It is the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This season helps us to know that He surrounds us with his love as we celebrate the 12 days of Christmas.


The Many Faces of Satan

December 27, 2012